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Soulèvement is a "oneshot", in perpetual movement, an experimental zone where the random and the choreographic research entangle to question 11 dancers on the notion of commitment and revolution. How may I state an uprising when this one is not my own story? What is my revolutionary identity? Where does the indignation begin? When does "several" become "all"? What motivates my commitment? What is the limit of a risk-taking?

This creation is produced by Poplité Mobilis in coproduction with PULX, the Crous Cultural Service – Culture Action, the Popular Bank and the city of Montpellier

Performance Dates / 2016

■ April 15 and 16 at the Trioletto, Montpellier

■ April 23 Festival Sand pour Sand, Montpellier

■ May 1 in Sète for Hors Lits

■ May 29 Festival Et toi tu danses?, Gignac

■ June 1 at the National Artchitecture School, Montpellier

■ June 4 for Réseau Education Sans Frontieres, Montpellier

Creation / Poplité Mobilis

Implementing / Elsa Decaudin

Light Creation / Sonya Perdigao

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