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Work In Progress

Premiere for Decembre 2017 at the Trioletto, Montpellier

This creation is produced by Poplité Mobilis in coproduction with the Crous Cultural Service, the city of Montpellier and with the support of La Fabrique (Lanuéjols)

Toujours L’Orage is similar to an experience, a moment taken on the heat of the action. It’s about ten dancers committed in the body who try deeply to recreate and feel a thunderstorm on stage. They all gonna be its close creators but also its first victims, undergoing its torments at the same time as they produce it. It is a question here of making tangible the unforeseen and the inconvenient to reveal the weaknesses and the hopes of a youth on a total move. The present disasters with human faces, make us prefer the real and wild cataclysm. Incontestable. An incontestable which relieves the spirit and bring back to the body in which resonates always the thunderstorm.

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