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Performance Dates / 2014

■ April 8 at National Choreographic Center of Montpellier

■ April 14 at Trioletto Theatre, Montpellier

■ September 20 at the Festival Quatres Saisons, Saint Jean de Védas

■ September 31 in a flat, Toulouse

■ November 8 in a concert for Sound Sweet Sound, Montpellier

■ March 28 at the Festival Psyché Bas Résille, Montpellier

It is necessary to occupy the barrier to cross it, the one which is not so clear, the one which perturbs, the one which strikes the junction of the I and the we. Above all, it is necessary to sing, it is necessary for me to laugh, it is necessary for them to rock everything, it is necessary for you to dance, especially.

This show is enriched by meetings and explorations with  Antonia Livingstone et Miguel Guiterrez

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