Poplité Mobilis is originally a research project and creation in contemporary dance managed by Elsa Decaudin and set up by the National Choregraphic Center of Montpellier and the Crous Cultural Service. During these last four years about twelve persons of all ages and horizons looked, experimented and worked on their relationship to the world and to the others, to these insignificant everyday life things which reveal the extraordinary ordinary of our multiple individualities.


From their own relationships to the limits of others, from comment to confrontation, from the sacred to the sacrament.

Alicia Canzonieri - 28 - Primary School Teacher
Axel Jourdain - 22 - Degree in Anthropology
Bastien Molines - 27 - Comedian and Sociologist

Cecile Temple-Boyer - 23 - Fine Arts

Christelle Larroque - 25 - Pharmacist and Dancer

Felix Mazard - 23 - Fine Arts

Isaac Aillaud - 24 - Cultural Mediator

Marion Cansell - 28 - Documentalist Professor
Melina Ferrer - 22 - Degree in art history
Raphaëlle Petit-Gille - 26 - Director and Film Technician

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