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D'après J.-C. Creation / Herman Diephuis, Poplité Mobilis

Extensions Création / Elsa Decaudin, Poplité Mobilis

Light Creation / Sonya Perdigao

Music / Bach et Bancal


D'après J.-C. + Extensions is composed of a central piece which is the resumption of the danse show «d'après J.-C.» by Herman Diephuis within the framework of «danse et repertoire» of National Danse Center of Paris, around which two extensions articulate in echo to the process of re-creation and in the continuity of the work begun by the group Poplité Mobilis.

Between flesh reincarnation and the questioning of icons, the idea here is to recontextualize who we are today by confronting and appropriating the images and the demonstrations of the sacred, to explore our individualities together.

This creation is in coproduction with the National Dance Center of Paris, the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier, the Crous Cultural Service and PULX

Performance Dates 2015 / 2016

■ March 1 extract of D'après J.-C. at Fabre Museum, Montpellier

■ April 7 at Trioletto theatre, Montpellier

■ April 27 at National Choreographic Center, Montpellier

■ May 3 for «Hors-lits», Sète

■ May 30 at Beaumont Park, Montreuil

■May 31 at  La Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

■ November 6 / 7 at Trioletto theatre, Montpellier 

■ February 19 at National Architecture School, Montpellier

■ October 20 at the Villa Médicis for «Francia in Scena», Rome


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